Friday, October 27, 2006

Score #1

Well I started up a nice little $3+.30 Mtt at midnight. 716 entrants and i finished 40 for a total win of $6.88.
I won exactly 1 hand at my first table and when switched tables I was up 75, at the new table I went pretty card dead again, and was getting extremely short when I had j/10 clubs bb, checked to me flop is like q9x 2 clubs, money flip IMO, i push, get called by queen, and hit flush, here is a hand I'm real proud of, I put him on exactly like q/j, k/j something real weak, I definitely had him, just took guts IMO to raise. Other than that, lost like 1/5 of chips when I raised with marginal hand but folded to reraise over the top. Then I lost when I was at 10k, had a/q and couldn't win race against 8s...winning that pot sets me at average and go down to final two tables, eh...happy with my play

Dealt to wordyyoyo [Qd As]
French-Chris: folds
DALYCITY: raises 400 to 800
cds7: folds
SUNFIRE111: folds
metheny: folds
Dr. No Bluff: folds
wordyyoyo: calls 800
Laz Vegas: folds
KAuf145: folds
*** FLOP *** [4c 8s 9c]
DALYCITY: bets 1200
wordyyoyo: raises 2000 to 3200

Overall for Today: $6.888
Overall: $6.88
Current bankroll: $332.18

I like this goal, because I can never have any of my numbers go down, except for bankroll, but that won't happen :-)

Goal #2

Well after accomplishing "Back to Even in 1 Month" I decided to start up a new goal. This one will be a little different, because I won't update the blog every day, just every score. My new goal is to reach $100 in multi-table cashes. This is not net profit and I'm not counting how much I lose by buying in to tournaments I don't cash in. I just want $100 in tournament cashes. I have no clue what my tentative date to accomplish this, I don't like tourneys because they take so long, but if I develop this aspect of the game then I can make a big score. Hopefully before the end of the year, I think that's semi-feasible. Whereas, I would play 4 sngs a day, cuz I could spare 45 minutes, I would have to set aside 3-4 hours if I intended to go deep. Hopefully over thanksgiving, fall, and winter break I can put in some quality hours. So let's start this game off!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Game Over - Everyone go Home

Day 14 Tuesday

Welp, 2 weeks and I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep played in 3 $6sngs and cashed all 3... 2nd, 2nd and I run soooo goot! Actually felt I should've had two 1sts, but I'm not complaining obv..

Honestly I thought it would take until the 25 day, but my constant 4-5 sngs a day really helped out. It took one week to lose the BR at Full Tilt and then 2 weeks to recover it at PokerStars..

This really gives me a lot of self-confidence that I can for sure excel at this game. These can be my bankroll builder.

The current plan is to take a few days rest, lol yea right, that only happened once...and then I think the new goal will be to reach $450-$500, but this goal will just be internal, nothing charted, no deadline (hopefully before Christmas break) and then I think my next official goal will be to reach maybe like $500 in cashes in MTT or 180-man SNGs. I think there are 3 aspects of online poker: sngs, mtts, and cash games...i'm really poor at the latter two and think I have a lot to learn....I see a lot of parallels between sngs and mtts so I think that is a logical progression. But until then thanks for reading and may your cards be live and your pots monsters.....haha me good mood

Overall for today: $39.90
Current Bankroll: $310.30 <------------------------------------ = ME HAPPY
I need: NOTHING!!!!!!!
Total Earnings: $121.50

Monday, October 23, 2006

Or Yesterday should've been the last day

Day 13 Monday

I'm stupid for two reasons a) shouldn't have played poker today and b) never play during the day I just don't play well...

I need to start playing better or running better, or else I will not reach the goal, started with 3 mid day SNGs and got 5th, 7th, 7th so started down $19.50

Then decided to play 5 night sngs and did 7th, 7th, 4th, 2nd, 2nd for -$0.10......6 sngs with no cash, rough man....need to take a break or iono, I want this goal so badly...It seems you either win a small amount of lose a big amount, thats the risk I suppose...

Overall for today: $19.60
Current Bankroll: $270.40
I need: $29.60
Total Earnings: $81.60

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Last Day for a while

Day 13 Sunday

Started off procrastinating today by playing 2 180 mans. Knocked out of the first one when I pushed top two into flush, doh. Then 2nd one I made it very deep and was 2nd place for a long time of the tourney. Then got moved to chip leaders table who was complete donk and just couldn't play him well. And finally busted 3 away from money - doh! -$8.80

Then last session did 3 $6sngs, thought I could've monied in all 3, but finish 3rd, 5th, and 1st!!! = $18.30

Will be taking a long break I think until thursday, just because I need to finish this case study, but I think I should be able to finish this goal by definitely end of Sunday.

Overall for today: $9.50
Current Bankroll: $290.00
I need: $10.00
Total Earnings: $101.20!!!!!!!!! That's $7 a day lol or $2,841 a year nice

Saturday, October 21, 2006

1, 2, skip a few: Taking Shots

Day 12

Well after the play from Day 10, I decided I wanted to take a shot at a decent score, so I decided to move up in stakes for one game. I would've played a $10+1, but those don't exist so I played a 15+1. I didn't want to be bored so I fired up 2 more $3 sngs. LOL I can't not multi-table now, just so boring to play just one table. Right away in the $15 I flop a set and turn quads, and get paid off decently well on the river so I jump up to 2500 early on. I played probably a little too tight. I was just folding a/q and a/j utg instead of limping. and then one hand i had a/q on the button, middle position pushes for like 1200 (i'm at maybe 3000) and then cutoffish calls his 1100, I pretty much considered it an insta-fold. mp had jacks and cutoffish has a/10...i woulda won with two pair and had dominating chip stack. Well later I had quads again, I won races, won near coinflips when i had like kq and he had like a/rag....and I just ran well, was able to take it down with out too much trouble at all. The $3 I bubled and one of them I won too, I played extremely aggressive, pushing so much, and in HU chip lead bounced all over the place, but finally had a river suckout for the KO. This puts me back in a great mindset and ready to finish the goal.

Overall for today: $59.70
Current Bankroll: $280.50
I need: $19.50
Total Earnings: $91.70

And on the 11th Day...

....Jimmy Rested

Day 11

Did not play, recovered from rough Day 10

Friday, October 20, 2006

It was bound to happen

Day 10

Started off the day playing 3 SNGs, I thought I was doing very well in them and might've been able to money in all 3, but things went sour and I only had 1 money in 2nd place: 6th, 4th, 2nd = -$3.30 This set was played in the morning, I knew I should have played late night only

Then I was bored and wanted to play some before I had to do some homework. I was fighting with the girl and just unhappy, but I still played anyways, in fact I multi-tabled 4 of them. These are bad conditions, I just did not feel into it. First one I went out of I pick up queens first hand raise it and take it down. 2nd hand i get queens again. some guy limps, i raise 5xbb, he pushes, i call even though the only hand i really have beat here is a/q or jacks and am mildly ahead of ak, but still don't really want to flip this early. Anyways he has aces and gg me on 2nd hand. Then on another game early on, like 5th hand, i have jacks, raise 5xbb, big blind calls, flop is 7,6,6...check bet call...i think maybe he has flush draw, don't figure him for a 6 or 7 unless he had like a/6 or a/7 suited....turn is another rag, check, push, insta-call he has 6/9 offsuit, gg

Then I become so unhappy I tilt all the other ones away: 9th, 9th, 7th 5th = -$26.00........its so much easier to lose money than to make it - man i suck

Overall for today: $29.30
Current Bankroll: $220.80
I need: $79.20
Total Earnings: $32.00

Might take tomorrow off

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Late night session - Why'd I play?

Day 9

I'm not asking why I played, because I did poorly...on the contrary, lol I was ITM 100% - lol. But I just had homework to do and shouldn't have played. Anyways, I figured I'd put in 3 games of $6 turbo SNG. I have broken it down, to playing super super tight early on, limping or coming in very cheaply with big hands and just playing only if flop a monster. If not, I just play down to 5-6 with a chip stack of about 1100 and blinds are prolly 150-300 and then just push with a premium hand and look for a loose call - so far its been extremely effective. I'm pretty upset though, because the 100% ITM, is misleading since all 3 I got were 3rd place, but eh still an ROI of 66% which is nothing to shrug yea: 3rd, 3rd, 3rd - blah I need more 1sts!!!

Overall for today: $12.90
Current Bankroll: $250.10
I need: $49.90
Total Earnings: $61.30

Man I just feel like I'm playing really well and that this rate is pretty sustainable. Of course I must attribute some of this to running well, but I really feel like I beat these stakes for 40% which is $2.60 per table. These things really seem like they last 45 minutes on average. So if a 4-table them, that means my hourly rate is roughly $13.87, take away a few dollars due multi-tabling and its a decent hourly rate. I mean technically total earnings should be about $80 (take away $19 losing session from Tilt) and played for 9 days, about 1 hour for each one of those days and the hourly rate equals $8.89. I'm pretty excited. Anyways from here on out to reach the goal I need to make $2.26 - life is good

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Doing good still

Day 8

Man why didn't I have that realization about moving up in limits earlier. Before the Friday 13th tragedy, I was running poorly in the $6 turbos so that probably made me not want to play them, but after today I am finally in the black for them. So I'm now a winner in the $3 turbos, $6 turbos, and $4 180-man, I pwn stars...

Good day today, pretty short, just because trying to accomplish other stuff: 1st and 3rd in the $6 and 28/180 in the $4. Cash 66% is nice, and this is also my first win in the $6. The 180s are so soft, literally I doubled up once, and that was late in the tournament and I still made in 10 within cashing, although I was never ever ever above avg stack, and was push/fold method all game. I want to multi-table those and see what I can get going.

Overall for today: $20.40
Current Bankroll: $237.20
I need: $62.80
Total Earnings: $48.40

lol now only need to average $2.73 a day and am thus far making $6.05 a day, including that terrible Day 1 on Full Tilt, I'm so super psyched man - wow I'm gay

Monday, October 16, 2006


Day 7

Last night, I told myself when I get up to $300 I'll start multi-tabling the $6 SNGs turbos. And then I was like wait, using the proper bankroll management I need 30 buyins... $6 x 30 = $180, I'm well rolled for the $6 so what am I waiting for? I was doing very well on PP $5 SNGs with like a 30% ROI and it had 20% rake, the $6 only has a 8.3% rake, which will greatly help the ROI, even the $3 SNGs has more than 10% rake (standard IMO) with 13.3% rake. So I was like, why wait until I'm at $300 (cuz then I'm rolled for $10 sngs) lets do it now. Thus I played 4 $6 sngs and ran well and also played well: 9th, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd....75% ITM...66.15% ROI, lol, I'm sticking to these until I drop below $180

Overall for today: $17.20
Current Bankroll: $216.80
I need: $83.20
Total Earnings: $28.40
Average of $3.47 Per Day
NH GG PokerStars


Day 6

Just got a few games in today in two sessions, or maybe 3, *shrug* 8 $3 SNGs, railed a lot of the bigger games, ITM 5/8, but no wins, played sloppy push fold HU, and couldn't get passed 3rd....

3rd, 2nd, 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 6th, 6th, 2nd
Should have capitalized on how deep I went in these. I think I might be playing to LAG at the later stages, iono 32% ROI, is decent

Overall for today: $8.80
Current Bankroll: $199.60
I need: $100.40
Total Earnings: $11.20

Ugh that works out to $1.87 a day thus far, and I needed to avg (at the very beginning) $3.60. Now I need to work at about $4.02 a day, which is ok, b/c since I've been at Stars, I have surpassed that amount 4/5 of the 5 days, and by usually double, so we'll see

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mixing Things Up

Day 5

I tried to have a life yesterday so only played in 4 SNGs, 2 $3 and 2 $6 6th and 7th in the $3 and a 5th and 2nd in the $6. I'm down $21.80 lifetime in the $6 Turbos, and my ROI in the $3 turbos has dropped to like high 30s%. My girlfriend hates my BLOG :-(

Overall for today: $3.60
Current Bankroll: $190.80
I need: $109.20
Total Earnings: $2.40

Friday, October 13, 2006

I should have Office Hours

Day 4

October 13th....FRIDAY the 13th...Party Poker closed its doors today, RIP, screwed over, no monster freeroll, thanks for taking my money

I think I should only work/play online after like 7:00PM, the players are just as bad, just a lot tighter so they take until blinds get rediculous to get knocked out, blinds on the one I got 2nd, got up to 600/1200 way too high

Rediculous ways in which I lose, this is 1st session and scores went: 9th, 9th, 6th, 5th, 2nd, and 50/180 = -$12.40

  • I turn the straight, the pure nuts, he rivers a flush
  • I raise substantial, he reraises me i have jacks and push and he instacalls with k/q off obv queen on flop
  • q/7 vs a/8, i flop 7 he rivers ace, and then pocket pair doesnt hold up for HU win....
  • my queens lose to a/q.........obv

2nd session, ran much better: 5th, 2nd, 1st = +$13.80

**In between 2nd and late night session, I found out Party refunded Monster, they gave $100! for every weekly freeroll!! I'm trying to get that cashed out to Neteller right now, so I can move it over to Stars, but if not, I might just deposit a little more on, shrug not sure....

3rd session

I just knew I was gonna do good for some reason, I think I should have cashed 2 of 3, but my 1 cash was 1st!::: 1st, 8th, 5th = +$4.80

Overall for today: $6.20

Current Bankroll: $194.40

I need: $105.60

Total Earnings: $6.00 yay, this is green!!!

A few late night SNGs

Day 3

Played 8 $3 SNGs and 1 $4 180-man...I calculated my ROI on the 180 mans, and I've had a sick record, played like 9 ITM 3 times with a 4, 6, 7 = 200% ROI, I run goot

Today started first session with a 6th, 7th, 3rd, and 127/180....I got extremely tilted after some beat I think losing coinflip or something and I pushed a hand on the 180 where I shouldn't have, but I gotta control that, I was 4-tabling and trying to Aim, just not a good combo.... -$8.60

2nd session 5 SNGs where I ran good with a 4th, 6th, 1st, 5th, variance rocks?! +$13.00

Overall for today: $4.40
Current Bankroll: $188.20
I need: $111.80
Total Earnings: $0.20

Uh I'm hoping to put in like 12 SNGs tomorrow, and hopefully 1-2 $4 180s...we'll see

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Place, New Play

Day 2

Started Off with two tables of $3 Turbo SNG, I ran decent in both, made a few decent plays, got pocket jacks HU to cripple opponent and then got it allin with a/2 vs. a/3 and I river a deuce for the win, the other one I got like 6th. So a win and a 6th thus far is good in my books. Also, I calculated my ROI for the 30 $3 turbos and its at 51% yay! More to Come....

Here's More: Played 7 more $3 Turbo SNGs, lol I need to remember rake is .40 and not .30
Rundown=7th, 8th, 8th, 2nd, 4th, 1st, 3rd So 9 tournies = $30.60 in buyins and and $45 in winnings = $14.40 Net Profit 47% ROI, I'm sick

Overall for today: $14.40
Current Bankroll: $183.80
I need: $116.20
Total Earnings: $4.60

I run bad

Day 1

Well I must have deleted my previous entry, I listed the hands that just killed me. I played $10 NL cash and 1 $5 SNG. I decided FT sngs are just terrible. They take way way way too long. I stuck around till about 6th and that was like 45 minutes in. They actually had a break, wow, way too long. I like turbos. SNG I lost a key race a/q vs. 3s. In the cash game I got some brutal hands like flopping straights and then someone turning flushes, I flop a set, he rivers a flush. No action on big pairs or other flopped sets. Just didn't go well. I am going to cash out everything out of FT and continue my goal on PokerStars. PS I just play well at. I 4-table the $3 Turbo SNGs, and also throw in some $4 180 mans. I lost $5.50 in the SNG and $13.50 in $10 NL. Time to cut my losses and get back to $300 at PS.

Overall for today: $19.00
Current Bankroll: $169.40
I need: $130.60
Total Earnings: $19.00

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back To Even

Preface: I had $400 spread out over Party Poker and Poker Stars when the new legislation hit, immediately I withdrew all the money and then deposited $300 of that money on Full Tilt since they said they were staying within the USA market. I don't know what it is about FT, I know their players should be a little bit better, but I just can't win there. I'm also really really getting sucked out on. The $300 dwindled down to $179.10 without booking a winning session. I lost at $5 SNGs, $10NL cash games, and $8 STT Satellites. Right now after two winning cash game sessions I'm at $188.45. My goal will be to get back to my original $300 ($111.55 Needed) within a one-month time period. So today is October 10th, so hopefully on November 10th, I'll be in the green. I will ONLY play $10NL cash games and $5 SNGs, I should also get some help through my deposit bonus given out in increments of $20, but they are very slow to release so we'll see. First session will be later tonight. Good luck self.

Overall for today: $0.00
Bankroll: $188.40
I need
: $111.60
Total Earnings: $0.00