Friday, October 20, 2006

It was bound to happen

Day 10

Started off the day playing 3 SNGs, I thought I was doing very well in them and might've been able to money in all 3, but things went sour and I only had 1 money in 2nd place: 6th, 4th, 2nd = -$3.30 This set was played in the morning, I knew I should have played late night only

Then I was bored and wanted to play some before I had to do some homework. I was fighting with the girl and just unhappy, but I still played anyways, in fact I multi-tabled 4 of them. These are bad conditions, I just did not feel into it. First one I went out of I pick up queens first hand raise it and take it down. 2nd hand i get queens again. some guy limps, i raise 5xbb, he pushes, i call even though the only hand i really have beat here is a/q or jacks and am mildly ahead of ak, but still don't really want to flip this early. Anyways he has aces and gg me on 2nd hand. Then on another game early on, like 5th hand, i have jacks, raise 5xbb, big blind calls, flop is 7,6,6...check bet call...i think maybe he has flush draw, don't figure him for a 6 or 7 unless he had like a/6 or a/7 suited....turn is another rag, check, push, insta-call he has 6/9 offsuit, gg

Then I become so unhappy I tilt all the other ones away: 9th, 9th, 7th 5th = -$26.00........its so much easier to lose money than to make it - man i suck

Overall for today: $29.30
Current Bankroll: $220.80
I need: $79.20
Total Earnings: $32.00

Might take tomorrow off


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