Thursday, October 19, 2006

Late night session - Why'd I play?

Day 9

I'm not asking why I played, because I did poorly...on the contrary, lol I was ITM 100% - lol. But I just had homework to do and shouldn't have played. Anyways, I figured I'd put in 3 games of $6 turbo SNG. I have broken it down, to playing super super tight early on, limping or coming in very cheaply with big hands and just playing only if flop a monster. If not, I just play down to 5-6 with a chip stack of about 1100 and blinds are prolly 150-300 and then just push with a premium hand and look for a loose call - so far its been extremely effective. I'm pretty upset though, because the 100% ITM, is misleading since all 3 I got were 3rd place, but eh still an ROI of 66% which is nothing to shrug yea: 3rd, 3rd, 3rd - blah I need more 1sts!!!

Overall for today: $12.90
Current Bankroll: $250.10
I need: $49.90
Total Earnings: $61.30

Man I just feel like I'm playing really well and that this rate is pretty sustainable. Of course I must attribute some of this to running well, but I really feel like I beat these stakes for 40% which is $2.60 per table. These things really seem like they last 45 minutes on average. So if a 4-table them, that means my hourly rate is roughly $13.87, take away a few dollars due multi-tabling and its a decent hourly rate. I mean technically total earnings should be about $80 (take away $19 losing session from Tilt) and played for 9 days, about 1 hour for each one of those days and the hourly rate equals $8.89. I'm pretty excited. Anyways from here on out to reach the goal I need to make $2.26 - life is good


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