Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I run bad

Day 1

Well I must have deleted my previous entry, I listed the hands that just killed me. I played $10 NL cash and 1 $5 SNG. I decided FT sngs are just terrible. They take way way way too long. I stuck around till about 6th and that was like 45 minutes in. They actually had a break, wow, way too long. I like turbos. SNG I lost a key race a/q vs. 3s. In the cash game I got some brutal hands like flopping straights and then someone turning flushes, I flop a set, he rivers a flush. No action on big pairs or other flopped sets. Just didn't go well. I am going to cash out everything out of FT and continue my goal on PokerStars. PS I just play well at. I 4-table the $3 Turbo SNGs, and also throw in some $4 180 mans. I lost $5.50 in the SNG and $13.50 in $10 NL. Time to cut my losses and get back to $300 at PS.

Overall for today: $19.00
Current Bankroll: $169.40
I need: $130.60
Total Earnings: $19.00


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