Monday, October 16, 2006


Day 7

Last night, I told myself when I get up to $300 I'll start multi-tabling the $6 SNGs turbos. And then I was like wait, using the proper bankroll management I need 30 buyins... $6 x 30 = $180, I'm well rolled for the $6 so what am I waiting for? I was doing very well on PP $5 SNGs with like a 30% ROI and it had 20% rake, the $6 only has a 8.3% rake, which will greatly help the ROI, even the $3 SNGs has more than 10% rake (standard IMO) with 13.3% rake. So I was like, why wait until I'm at $300 (cuz then I'm rolled for $10 sngs) lets do it now. Thus I played 4 $6 sngs and ran well and also played well: 9th, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd....75% ITM...66.15% ROI, lol, I'm sticking to these until I drop below $180

Overall for today: $17.20
Current Bankroll: $216.80
I need: $83.20
Total Earnings: $28.40
Average of $3.47 Per Day
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