Saturday, October 21, 2006

1, 2, skip a few: Taking Shots

Day 12

Well after the play from Day 10, I decided I wanted to take a shot at a decent score, so I decided to move up in stakes for one game. I would've played a $10+1, but those don't exist so I played a 15+1. I didn't want to be bored so I fired up 2 more $3 sngs. LOL I can't not multi-table now, just so boring to play just one table. Right away in the $15 I flop a set and turn quads, and get paid off decently well on the river so I jump up to 2500 early on. I played probably a little too tight. I was just folding a/q and a/j utg instead of limping. and then one hand i had a/q on the button, middle position pushes for like 1200 (i'm at maybe 3000) and then cutoffish calls his 1100, I pretty much considered it an insta-fold. mp had jacks and cutoffish has a/10...i woulda won with two pair and had dominating chip stack. Well later I had quads again, I won races, won near coinflips when i had like kq and he had like a/rag....and I just ran well, was able to take it down with out too much trouble at all. The $3 I bubled and one of them I won too, I played extremely aggressive, pushing so much, and in HU chip lead bounced all over the place, but finally had a river suckout for the KO. This puts me back in a great mindset and ready to finish the goal.

Overall for today: $59.70
Current Bankroll: $280.50
I need: $19.50
Total Earnings: $91.70


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