Sunday, December 10, 2006


Let's see I haven't updated this blog in forever, but did well in the MTTs tonight, so wanted to update the blog and I think I'm close to my goal because I'm including 180s, because they are MTT. So we left off 1 month ago a few weeks before Thanksgiving break. I continued grinding the $6 sngs hard and reached an all time high on the BR of $386.10

After the win on November 8th, I blanked my next 6 multis, and then the first day home on break I entered 2 180s: for an 8 and 12 place finish representing $18.72 and $8.64! So here's what the update would have looked like:

Overall for Today: $27.36
Overall: $46.83
Current bankroll: $349.06

Now enter, worst downswing I've had. It's weird and psychological but I just CANNOT win at home. I lost so much and just bleed money. I wasn't winning any hands where I was the vast favorite and maybe tilted - but I really don't think I even tilted, I just ran sooo bad at home. Going into break I was at $352.30 and left my house with $293.36 so total of -$58.94. Although I did play some live poker with my dad and won that for like $100 profit, so I was winning overall, but just ran online bad.

I kept running bad and reached a low of $255.96 - A number I hadn't been at since mid-October.

Well I recovered like usual grinding out the sngs and most recently making steady $/hr from cash games. On December 3 finally had another MTT score. $3.30 MTT with 583 participants and I finished 42 for $6.13 gross profit. One of my biggest complaints with stars is their payout structure for micro rewards 20% and therefore you don't start getting big money until less than 5%. That entry would have looked like:

Overall for Today: $6.13
Overall: $52.96
Current bankroll: $280.38

December 6th, I bubbled the FT of a $4 180 but still made that x2 ROI of $8.64 so....

Overall for Today: $8.64
Overall: $61.60
Current bankroll: $303.82

And then finally today I had a nice little day. Blanked a 180 and $3 MTT, but then reentered a 180 and a $2. Did really well and got 77/1143 on the $2 for $5.49. Once again if they only had 10% that would have been like x2 what I did get. Man I wish I made it a little deeper. And than on the 180 I got 4th! Crucial hand I lost against chipleader when I rivered set but he turned straight. iono I was being aggressive, don't dislike my play *shrug*. But that score was $57.60!! For a total day of: $63.09!!! Entry today is:

Overall for Today: $63.09
Overall: $124.69!!!!!!
Current bankroll: $390.71!!!!

GG sir. Started on October 27th and finished on December 10th for a total of like 45 days. Could have easily finished faster, just don't like MTTs. Also, nice to be so close to breaking $400, I'm 98% sure I'll do that by tomorrow.

Future I think is just grind out sngs but not that much during finals. And then the new goal will have to do with cash games. I'm getting poker tracker so I can easily track my progress in cash games and I really look forward to setting an ambitious goal of $/hands or net profit of like $200. Iono gg though