Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Doing good still

Day 8

Man why didn't I have that realization about moving up in limits earlier. Before the Friday 13th tragedy, I was running poorly in the $6 turbos so that probably made me not want to play them, but after today I am finally in the black for them. So I'm now a winner in the $3 turbos, $6 turbos, and $4 180-man, I pwn stars...

Good day today, pretty short, just because trying to accomplish other stuff: 1st and 3rd in the $6 and 28/180 in the $4. Cash 66% is nice, and this is also my first win in the $6. The 180s are so soft, literally I doubled up once, and that was late in the tournament and I still made in 10 within cashing, although I was never ever ever above avg stack, and was push/fold method all game. I want to multi-table those and see what I can get going.

Overall for today: $20.40
Current Bankroll: $237.20
I need: $62.80
Total Earnings: $48.40

lol now only need to average $2.73 a day and am thus far making $6.05 a day, including that terrible Day 1 on Full Tilt, I'm so super psyched man - wow I'm gay


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