Sunday, January 28, 2007

6 tabling and internet tilt part deuce

Day 8
January 28

Wanted to finish out the experiment on multi-tabling so got 6 $3sngs back up and running and made it semi-deep in all of them when my internet went out, luckily I learned from yesterday's experiences and only lost chips on a few of the games, but on those few I lost a high percentage...But I finished out real well and was 4/6 in the money with 2 1st, 1 2nd and 3rd..then put in a session at night with a 1st in a $6 and a blank in another $6 and two blanks in mtts <---mind wasn't fully on the game and I feel like I could've done better... still did well overall today

Overall for today: $30.90
Current Bankroll: $381.59
I need: $118.41
I need/day (41 days left): $2.89
Total Earnings: $73.80

6-tabling and internet tilt

Day 7
January 27

Wanted to try an experiment and see how I did multi-tabling more than 4. The first time I nine tabled and did absolutely horrendous. This time I started 6 and felt like I had a good grasp on the situation (although the $3 sngs played like nits) when my internet went out for 10 minutes with like 100-200 blinds and me w/ medium stacks on all the tables. By the time I came back I was down to 2bbs and actually come back and one, which helped me recover some of the lost money, I'll probably have another experiment today.

Overall for today: $5.40
Current Bankroll: $350.69
I need: $149.31
I need/day (42 days left): $3.56
Total Earnings: $42.90

3-Day Break

Day 4, 5, 6
January 24-26

Didn't play took a break

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Should be doing homework

Day 4
January 23

Played a set of 3 $6sngs real late instead of doing HW, obv postponing hw rather than omitting it outright. Tonight it took forever for people to drop in one I lost key race a/q vs. 8s and then other I pused queens preflop and got called in SB by kings, so sick how those match ups happen so often...and then the one I cashed in I lost a/9 < q/7 and then heads up obv my a/4 < a/3 lol

Overall for today: $3.30
Current Bankroll: $356.09
I need: $143.91
I need/day (46 days left): $3.12
Total Earnings: $48.30

Monday, January 22, 2007

Refound out why I play

Day 3

January 22

Man these players are garbage at this time. Resident donkey is Swedox lol. Just insano action with allins every other hand, to bad I was card dead which paralyzed me till it was push/fold. Luckily I push better > everyone else = +ev. Decent night with a 3rd, 6th, and 1st Ship it!!

Really late, probably nothing tomorrow :-(

Overall for today: $18.30
Current Bankroll: $359.39
I need: $140.61
I need/day (47 days left): $2.99
Total Earnings: $51.60

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blah Day

Day 2
Sunday January 21

Just one of those days that nothing really of note happened. Started playing 3 $6sngs and totally choked on those -$19.5. I should be accountable and review how I busted out so poorly, but that requires a lot of self-discipline. I already know that I was probably playing way to loose early on. And by way to loose I mean making to many c-bets. Shrug I'll find out where I'm losing the majority of my chips on tracker (best investment for sure). Then entered into a 180 $4 and made it to mid of tourney, but no hands to get me past that hump -$4.40. Entered a $0.25 and $.10 cash and did really well in those for a net of $14.30 For those smaller stakes ring games you just need to play uber tight and have good hand selection, I was leaking money the past times because I was trying to emulate what I saw on CR and I think that only works at shorter hand and higher stakes. And right now I'm just finishingup a $3.30 mtt, again no big hands this time at all, just some chipping up, i'll probably go out right after bubble *shrug*....well went out right after bubble popped, but man I had a/k and won a race to get back up to avg, then in a blind vs. blind battle flopped trips, called his pot bet, and then pushed on his turn bet and he called with open ender and he won obv. ship $.90

Overall for today: -$8.70
Current Bankroll: $341.09
I need: $158.91
I need/day: $3.31
Total Earnings: $33.30

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Off to a good start

Day 1
Saturday, January 20

So I actually did decide to start today, and man blogging = + variance. Out of my first three sngs I got a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for a net of +$34.50...I think I'm going to put in another set, the more I do the better, let's see...

2nd set didn't go as well, but still decent. I got a 5th, 7th, and 1st!! HU in the 1st I grinded him out, he was a nit - so tight, and I just blinded him down bit by bit great patience exhibited. So that's a net profit of $7.50! I played great today, and am glad that I put in 6 sngs today, really great way to kick off this new goal. The recap is...

Overall for today: $42.00
Current Bankroll: $349.79
I need: $150.21
Total Earnings: $42.00

At this rate I'll be done in 3 more days...... <3 positive variance and running well

Goal #3

January 20, 2007, Saturday
Well, I seem to do well when I set a goal for myself and then work at achieving something very measurable so its looking like I need to do it once more. I seem to have a problem fully breaking $400. I get there and then just drop a $100 and then get there and drop $100. Therefore, I'm setting a goal to break $500 within 50 days. I will mostly only be playing $6 sngs. Once at $500 I think I will start to multi-table the $16s, but not until then. Man it will feel nice to do this goal. I'm not starting today, probably tomorrow, but just wanted to write this down for accountability purposes. Oh yea, my starting bankroll for this goal is $307.79. Therefore, I need to make $192.21 total, or about $3.84 a day...not that bad at all, hmm I should finish this easily, but we'll just reevaluate later.

$500 in 50 days
Overall for today: ---
Current Bankroll: $307.79
I need: $192.21
Total Earnings: $---