Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back To Even

Preface: I had $400 spread out over Party Poker and Poker Stars when the new legislation hit, immediately I withdrew all the money and then deposited $300 of that money on Full Tilt since they said they were staying within the USA market. I don't know what it is about FT, I know their players should be a little bit better, but I just can't win there. I'm also really really getting sucked out on. The $300 dwindled down to $179.10 without booking a winning session. I lost at $5 SNGs, $10NL cash games, and $8 STT Satellites. Right now after two winning cash game sessions I'm at $188.45. My goal will be to get back to my original $300 ($111.55 Needed) within a one-month time period. So today is October 10th, so hopefully on November 10th, I'll be in the green. I will ONLY play $10NL cash games and $5 SNGs, I should also get some help through my deposit bonus given out in increments of $20, but they are very slow to release so we'll see. First session will be later tonight. Good luck self.

Overall for today: $0.00
Bankroll: $188.40
I need
: $111.60
Total Earnings: $0.00


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