Friday, October 27, 2006

Score #1

Well I started up a nice little $3+.30 Mtt at midnight. 716 entrants and i finished 40 for a total win of $6.88.
I won exactly 1 hand at my first table and when switched tables I was up 75, at the new table I went pretty card dead again, and was getting extremely short when I had j/10 clubs bb, checked to me flop is like q9x 2 clubs, money flip IMO, i push, get called by queen, and hit flush, here is a hand I'm real proud of, I put him on exactly like q/j, k/j something real weak, I definitely had him, just took guts IMO to raise. Other than that, lost like 1/5 of chips when I raised with marginal hand but folded to reraise over the top. Then I lost when I was at 10k, had a/q and couldn't win race against 8s...winning that pot sets me at average and go down to final two tables, eh...happy with my play

Dealt to wordyyoyo [Qd As]
French-Chris: folds
DALYCITY: raises 400 to 800
cds7: folds
SUNFIRE111: folds
metheny: folds
Dr. No Bluff: folds
wordyyoyo: calls 800
Laz Vegas: folds
KAuf145: folds
*** FLOP *** [4c 8s 9c]
DALYCITY: bets 1200
wordyyoyo: raises 2000 to 3200

Overall for Today: $6.888
Overall: $6.88
Current bankroll: $332.18

I like this goal, because I can never have any of my numbers go down, except for bankroll, but that won't happen :-)


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