Friday, October 13, 2006

I should have Office Hours

Day 4

October 13th....FRIDAY the 13th...Party Poker closed its doors today, RIP, screwed over, no monster freeroll, thanks for taking my money

I think I should only work/play online after like 7:00PM, the players are just as bad, just a lot tighter so they take until blinds get rediculous to get knocked out, blinds on the one I got 2nd, got up to 600/1200 way too high

Rediculous ways in which I lose, this is 1st session and scores went: 9th, 9th, 6th, 5th, 2nd, and 50/180 = -$12.40

  • I turn the straight, the pure nuts, he rivers a flush
  • I raise substantial, he reraises me i have jacks and push and he instacalls with k/q off obv queen on flop
  • q/7 vs a/8, i flop 7 he rivers ace, and then pocket pair doesnt hold up for HU win....
  • my queens lose to a/q.........obv

2nd session, ran much better: 5th, 2nd, 1st = +$13.80

**In between 2nd and late night session, I found out Party refunded Monster, they gave $100! for every weekly freeroll!! I'm trying to get that cashed out to Neteller right now, so I can move it over to Stars, but if not, I might just deposit a little more on, shrug not sure....

3rd session

I just knew I was gonna do good for some reason, I think I should have cashed 2 of 3, but my 1 cash was 1st!::: 1st, 8th, 5th = +$4.80

Overall for today: $6.20

Current Bankroll: $194.40

I need: $105.60

Total Earnings: $6.00 yay, this is green!!!


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