Monday, October 23, 2006

Or Yesterday should've been the last day

Day 13 Monday

I'm stupid for two reasons a) shouldn't have played poker today and b) never play during the day I just don't play well...

I need to start playing better or running better, or else I will not reach the goal, started with 3 mid day SNGs and got 5th, 7th, 7th so started down $19.50

Then decided to play 5 night sngs and did 7th, 7th, 4th, 2nd, 2nd for -$0.10......6 sngs with no cash, rough man....need to take a break or iono, I want this goal so badly...It seems you either win a small amount of lose a big amount, thats the risk I suppose...

Overall for today: $19.60
Current Bankroll: $270.40
I need: $29.60
Total Earnings: $81.60


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