Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blah Day

Day 2
Sunday January 21

Just one of those days that nothing really of note happened. Started playing 3 $6sngs and totally choked on those -$19.5. I should be accountable and review how I busted out so poorly, but that requires a lot of self-discipline. I already know that I was probably playing way to loose early on. And by way to loose I mean making to many c-bets. Shrug I'll find out where I'm losing the majority of my chips on tracker (best investment for sure). Then entered into a 180 $4 and made it to mid of tourney, but no hands to get me past that hump -$4.40. Entered a $0.25 and $.10 cash and did really well in those for a net of $14.30 For those smaller stakes ring games you just need to play uber tight and have good hand selection, I was leaking money the past times because I was trying to emulate what I saw on CR and I think that only works at shorter hand and higher stakes. And right now I'm just finishingup a $3.30 mtt, again no big hands this time at all, just some chipping up, i'll probably go out right after bubble *shrug*....well went out right after bubble popped, but man I had a/k and won a race to get back up to avg, then in a blind vs. blind battle flopped trips, called his pot bet, and then pushed on his turn bet and he called with open ender and he won obv. ship $.90

Overall for today: -$8.70
Current Bankroll: $341.09
I need: $158.91
I need/day: $3.31
Total Earnings: $33.30


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