Saturday, January 20, 2007

Goal #3

January 20, 2007, Saturday
Well, I seem to do well when I set a goal for myself and then work at achieving something very measurable so its looking like I need to do it once more. I seem to have a problem fully breaking $400. I get there and then just drop a $100 and then get there and drop $100. Therefore, I'm setting a goal to break $500 within 50 days. I will mostly only be playing $6 sngs. Once at $500 I think I will start to multi-table the $16s, but not until then. Man it will feel nice to do this goal. I'm not starting today, probably tomorrow, but just wanted to write this down for accountability purposes. Oh yea, my starting bankroll for this goal is $307.79. Therefore, I need to make $192.21 total, or about $3.84 a day...not that bad at all, hmm I should finish this easily, but we'll just reevaluate later.

$500 in 50 days
Overall for today: ---
Current Bankroll: $307.79
I need: $192.21
Total Earnings: $---


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