Sunday, January 28, 2007

6 tabling and internet tilt part deuce

Day 8
January 28

Wanted to finish out the experiment on multi-tabling so got 6 $3sngs back up and running and made it semi-deep in all of them when my internet went out, luckily I learned from yesterday's experiences and only lost chips on a few of the games, but on those few I lost a high percentage...But I finished out real well and was 4/6 in the money with 2 1st, 1 2nd and 3rd..then put in a session at night with a 1st in a $6 and a blank in another $6 and two blanks in mtts <---mind wasn't fully on the game and I feel like I could've done better... still did well overall today

Overall for today: $30.90
Current Bankroll: $381.59
I need: $118.41
I need/day (41 days left): $2.89
Total Earnings: $73.80


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