Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Goal: 100 SNG 20% ROI

Well I need a nice goal for the start of the summer and I need a real bankroll booster. So I feel like I'm a winning player at $6.50 sngs and under. Initially I thought I going to 4-table $6 sngs, and play 100 and try and sustain a 20% ROI. But now I'm enjoying 9-tabling the $3.40s. So I'm going to 9 table these and do 100 and try and sustain an ROI of 35%

Estimated that is $340 wagered and $459 profit for a net profit of $119.
9-tabling them, will take about 9 sessions. Each session is approxiamately 45 minutes, so 6 hours and about 45 minutes worth of play. Thats not to bad, plus I think my $/hr goes up 9-tabling for sure.

Anyways, I'll have a progress of sngs accomplished with winrate and profit

GL self!


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