Friday, February 02, 2007

Ship it please

Day 8 Continued
January 28, 2007

Well when I made that last post I was frustrated and was still in the 2 mtts even though I said I was finished, b/c I was close to bustoing, but uhh I actually chopped the 180 $4 for 180$ profit!!! Wow, I finished the goal in 8 days and reached $561!!! That's why I play those mtts, just waiting for the score, I'm going to review the mtt now

  • Doubled up on the 12th with aces against k/j
  • Made two decent bluffs to push stack up to 3675 and some sketchy plays to go up to 5100
  • I made a lot of good c-bets that really worked well
  • Bad c-bet and double barreled bluff 3100
  • Started playing very agg 2100
  • very agg and found an atm, that would limp/fold every hand 6050
  • 9s beat a/5 11800
  • The Hand that defined the game I still like my play

Dealt to wordyyoyo [Qc 9c]

wordyyoyo: raises 1300 to 2100

Cards UofL: calls 1300

*** FLOP *** [6h Tc 7c]

Cards UofL: bets 4000

wordyyoyo: raises 8946 to 12946 and is all-in

Cards UofL: calls 8946

*** TURN *** [6h Tc 7c] [6d]

*** RIVER *** [6h Tc 7c 6d] [8s]

*** SHOW DOWN ***Cards UofL: shows [Ts Ad] (two pair, Tens and Sixes)

wordyyoyo: shows [Qc 9c] (a straight, Six to Ten)

wordyyoyo collected 30892 from pot

Justification:: 3 8s for the straight 3 queens for the pair and 11 clubs for the flush = 17 outs and two streets to hit it on. I think it was closeish to the bubble, *shrug* I had fold equity I think and could only call with 3 hands and pairs so I don't mind my push

  • And then there were other hands as well, but finally got heads up 60,000 vs 210,000
  • Chopped equally for $180

Man it feels so good to be done with that goal. Thus far I've successfully completed three goals: Back to even ($300) in a month, $100 in mtt wins, and $500 in 50 days. This next goal is going to be less monetary and more focus based. Read the next post.....Ship it

Overall for today: $175.60

Current Bankroll: $561.59

I need: $0.00

I need/day (41 days left): $0.00

Total Earnings: $249.40

Total earnings per day: $31.18 Total earnings per year: $11,378


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