Thursday, December 20, 2007

Winter Break Goal

Well, on winter break and I want to get some good poker in so I'm setting a 100 sng goal for myself. This should revitalize my bankroll and hopefully get me back into the swing of 6/9-tabling so we'll see. I have until like January 15th to complete this goal so thats like 26 days so a little less than 4 sngs a day. I'm setting a goal for myself of a 25% ROI so monetarily that works out to $85 ($340 total entry * 25% = $85 net)

I'll track my progress here...yay!

PS, FYI: As of December 20, 2007 (the beginning of this challenge) my Sharkscope graph had me at about $495 in profit,I want to peak over $600 by the end of this challenge (may involve playing more than 100 games)


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